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Mark Singer was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has lived in many regions of the United States and Europe.  He began painting at the age of 12 by copying art reproductions in his parent's home.  His painting style was initially influenced by the Fauvist Movement, but has since evolved into more personal statements of time, place, and vision.  

Mark is a self-taught painter.  His grandparents, respected San Francisco artists in their day, played a major part in Mark's artistic development.  Their friendship with such notables as Ansel Adams, Beniamino Bufano, and George Sterling contributed to Mark's interest in pursuing a more Bohemian form of self-expression.  Indeed, painting is Mark's preferred method to reveal the more provocative characteristics of things considered commonplace.

A distinguishing characteristic of Mark's artwork is his use of a palette knife.  Mark employs this technique to yield creations ranging from thickly applied impasto to paint application so subtle as to fool the viewer into thinking they are looking at brushwork.  Mastery of the palette knife is very challenging for most artists, but after 40 years of laying knife to canvas, Mark's treatment of this painting instrument is fine enough to be called "deft" by Joel Groover of ART & ANTIQUES Magazine.

Every artist has opinions regarding the purpose and nature of their work.  Mark is no exception in this regard.  His personal views on what he attempts to achieve as an artist are uncomplicated and succinct:

"Words, both spoken and written, provide a limited avenue of self-expression for me.  Though my work is representational in style, my paintings are created to communicate with others at a deeper level.  It is my hope that each painting will carry the viewer beyond a literal interpretation of the image presented to a more thoughtful examination of shared human experience."  MARK SINGER

Mark's Résumé

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